ASTM: Types of Portland Cement



In USA, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) recognizes five types of portland cement. The raw materials for all of them are the same but their properties are changed by using various blends of those materials. Type I cement is the normal cement used for most construction, but four other types are useful for special situations in which high early strength or low heat or sulfate resistance is needed:


Type I—The common, all-purpose cement used for general construction work.


Type II—A modified cement that has a lower heat of hydration than does Type I cement and that can withstand some exposure to sulfate attack.


Type III—A high-early-strength cement that will produce in the first 24 hours a concrete with a strength about twice that of Type I cement. This cement does have a much higher heat of hydration.


Type IV—A low-heat cement that produces a concrete which generates heat very slowly. It is used for very large concrete structures.


Type V—A cement used for concretes that are to be exposed to high concentrations of sulfate.

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