Civil Engineering Quiz: Concrete Basics

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Civil Engineering Quiz: Concrete Basics

In the learning process, educators say “knowledge is treasure but practice is the key.” The value of practice is huge. It is the only way to become proficient in a new or existing skill. A Quiz is a means to help you practice and acquire basic and advanced information related to the topic of quiz, while suiting your time constraints.

On this page is a quiz that tests your knowledge about basics of cement and concrete. The quiz consists of 10 questions for solving in 15 minutes.

Let’s get started!

1. Young’s Modulus equals ………


2. The maximum stress value that can be imposed on a material is called ……….


3. Quartzite is a ……. rock


4. The reaction of cement with water is called …….



When adding water to cement, the result is ……….

6. Which of the following is not a compound of cement?


7. Tensile strength of concrete is approximately …… % of it compressive strength


8. The cement compound with the highest rate of hydration is ……


9. Sand is used in concrete and it is an example of ……. aggregate


10. ASTM Type 4 Cement is best suitable for ………


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