Origin and Classification of Aggregates

Origin and Classification of Aggregates Most of the properties of an aggregate derive from its parental rock chemical and mineral composition which affects strength, stiffness, density, pore structure and permeability. Rocks experience geothermal and weathering processes which can produce granular materials in the form of natural gravels and sands, these types of aggregates can be …

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Information for Ordering Concrete

Concrete pump

Information for Ordering Concrete When ordering pre-mixed concrete,¬†you will need to tell the supplier: Name and address for delivery The use of the concrete (i.e. driveway, housing slab, commercial) The amount you need in cubic metres The Class of the concrete. There are two classes that concrete can be supplied as: Normal Class and Special …

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How Concrete is Made


This post gives a basic outline on how the concrete is made. Simply, concrete is a mix of paste and aggregates. The paste, which consists of portland cement and water, coats the surface of the fine and coarse aggregates. Concrete gets its hardness from a chemical reaction between cement and water called hydration. This hydration …

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